Less is More (Part 1 of 3)

November, 2011. Having taken a few introductory classes at Yestermorrow (Basic Carpentry, Foundations 101, and The Healthy Home), I’d been slowly familiarizing myself with the culture of the school. So far, I was finding Yestermorrow to be a supportive environment. I was happy with the small class sizes and the healthy meals, and I really liked the people. Between the hands-on courses and classroom theory, in a short time

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Recycling Aircraft

As Mr. Deam mentions in one of the last videos, the Airstream was “borne out of aircraft building technology of the ’30’s.” I came across this slideshow from Sunset magazine about a home built from a recycled jumbo jet and thought it was an interesting alternative. Enjoy!  

Deam Machine: The Airstream CCD

October, 2011. Around the time I discovered Andreas Stavropoulos’ project, I also learned of Christopher Deam’s re-design work on the classic Airstream: I found that whereas Andreas’ project had a very creative, cozy, DIY approach that I liked, Deam’s work demonstrates another level of industrial design ability that is both inspiring and intimidating to a beginner. However, one of the things that I took home from this video was

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Andreas’ Airstream

October, 2011. I looked a little further into Yestermorrow’s website to learn more about the instructors for classes I was interested in, and most intriguing for me (at that moment) was that one of them, designer Andreas Stavropoulos, was featured on the site for his Airstream project having been showcased in Dwell magazine. I did a quick Google search, and in an exciting coincidence, I realized that this designer was

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