The Proposal

Down upon one knee, my laptop was poised for this special moment. Sure, I’d thought it through several times, and let the engagement go on far too long. But I’d saved a percentage of my salary for months for this very day, because deep down I knew what had to happen. In a make-or-break moment, I made a firm decision. I wrote out my vows and hit “send.” There was no turning back now…

Seriously, the final practicum project for my sustainable building and design certificate program at Yestermorrow requires a proposal, which has to be approved and an advisor assigned before the project can begin in earnest. Mine took me quite some time. What helped a great deal was that I visited the school last May, met the new director of the program to discuss the scope (because really, a complete Airstream renovation can take years and tens of thousands of dollars!), and scaled the project down to meet the school’s requirements. What you’ll see if you click on the link below, is that the project is limited in scope to the initial design phase – which is quite involved – and includes a budget & construction schedule among other deliverables:

Practicum Proposal (Final)

And the answer? After a day or two of consideration, I got a resounding e-mail response back from Yestermorrow… YES!!!

The proposal was accepted. Now all I have to do is find the right advisor…

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