Little Green Airstream’s Top Posts of 2015

As New Year’s Eve fast approaches, I thought it’d be fun to share the posts that got the most traffic in 2015:

5) Spring Cleaning

Any newbie who’s taken home their first “new-to-you” vintage Airstream knows the mixed feelings of excitement and overwhelm when faced with cleaning out a decades’ old trailer and making their renovation to-do list. This is how I got started.

4) Less is More (Part 2 of 3)

The fourth most trafficked post describes my experience taking a class called, Less is More: Designing the Small or Tiny House. You’ll find some design pointers from Andreas Stavropoulos, who was one of my instructors and is a Dwell magazine-featured, vintage Airstream renovator who helped inspire this project.

3) Gelände the Lost

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what you want. With cross-country travel, maximum utility and energy efficiency in mind, I continue my research process by exploring the virtues of a bio-diesel fueled Mercedes Geländewagen and ultimately edge towards the iconic Airstream:

lga1_0.jpg-nggid0211-ngg0dyn-960x720x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t0102) Mr. Aleister & The Silver Bullet

They say you should never buy the first Airstream that you go to look at… so I bought the second one instead! Here is the story of how I research, inspect and negotiate the purchase of my first Airstream, and make some good and bad decisions along the way.

1) Ground Force One… and Done

Sometimes you need to go down in flames before you succeed! The most popular post of the year describes how I inauspiciously buy the first vehicle to start my green design / build project, and it catches fire on the way home…


Based purely on “likes,” this was the Facebook crowd favorite: Less is More (… a Present Day Report on Modest Living)

De-materializing is a hugely important and sometimes overlooked aspect of green living… this post is my process laid bare.

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  1. Above all, I admire your honesty! Details of your learning curve and progress are fascinating. Your blog is addictive.

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