Little Green ’17!

Happy 2017, everyone!!!

2016 was an incredibly transformative year all around, and this little project was no exception. With the indispensable work of several vendors & contractors and a bit of luck on my side, I was able to get so much done to renovate & restore this 1969 Airstream Trade Wind over the past 12 months! I repaired an (unbeknownst to me) dangerously rusted chassis, fabricated new curtains & upholstery, accidentally crashed and recycled a trailer for profit, and updated the major systems, for a start. There’s a loads more information in the blog archives, for those who’d like to check out the details.

Plus: 2017 will be the year that I wrap up Phase 1 of this green renovation project and *finally* hit the road, traveling cross-country from New York to California!!!

I’m getting excited… and I’m especially happy to share this process with so many people from all over the world. Reviewing the WordPress stats for the Little Green Airstream website this year, I am amazed and so grateful. There were 4,766 website views from 68 different countries, and 9 new subscribers in 2016. I’m always grateful for your interest & support – thank you, friends!!!

Coming Up Next…

I’ll share the last of the work that was done by my contractors in Vermont, and then I bring the Airstream back to NY to polish it, weather seal it, and reinstall the interior. Will I or won’t I have a working refrigerator and air conditioner? We’ll just have to see. Of course, there’s a punch list. Then, I’ll pack ‘er up and it’ll be time chase the sunset.

In the meantime, please enjoy these short videos of me over the holidays (shot on Christmas and New Years’ Days, respectively), polishing up the Airstream. I thought it’d be fun to shoot the stripping, sealing & polishing process using time-lapse photography, so that you can see the trailer’s finish transform before your eyes over the course of a few minutes. Have fun with these samples for now, and I’ll have a full video of the entire process for you on the Little Green Airstream YouTube channel in the future!

All the best to you this year,


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  1. Your new post catch phrase is darned good. Time for the launch, and both of you are road ready. 2017 will be
    an exciting year. Please keep up the posting so we can continue to share in the adventure. Continue to be guided by
    your beautiful spirit.

  2. James,
    I am amazed and impressed with all the work and love you have put into this project. Are “little green airstreams” called “she,” like ships? If so, then “she’s” a beauty! I am looking forward to hearing about your cross country trek!
    Much love,
    Aunt Marguerite

    1. Hi Aunt Marguerite!

      Thanks for checking out my project! There’s definitely been lots of fun, work and love put into it so far! I hope you’ll stay tuned by subscribing to my blog! All you do is click here and then enter your email address on the right hand side. That way I can share updates with you when they happen by email!

      Yes, Airstreams are (I believe) called “she.” I haven’t told many people this yet, but aside from being the Little Green Airstream, I’ve also taken to calling it “Moonshot” in honor of the trailer being built the same year of the moon landing in 1969 🙂

      Much love and happy new year!


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